We express our heartfelt gratitude to you for supporting us on our journey of preserving dying textiles crafts, supporting artisans and creating textiles that offer a deep sense of healing. Our core values of working with elemental methods of production and natural fibers and dyes, ensure a low carbon foot print. Thank you for walking by our side and assisting our belief and passion since 1997.

Alamwar Textiles specializes in handmade clothing and home furnishings. Alamwar’s priority is to preserve, document, sustain and promote traditional textile-making techniques in India. By employing grassroots craftsmanship, we aim to create livelihood for crafts persons arid their families as well as to preserve hand-dyeing, hand block-printing, hand weaving and fabric-painting arts in India. Alamwar uses only natural fabrics carefully sourced from NGOs and small producers from across India. Each piece of fabric is hand-dyed, block-printed and finished at Alamwar’s workshop in Hyderabad, India, All of Alamwar products are dyed using plant-derived natural dyes or with AZO-free low environmental impact dyes. 


At Alamwar Textiles, our artisans create unique pieces of artwork, in this process, share the untold and forgotten stories of India’s rich heritage and culture.  This miracle of resilience was made possible by the sheer craft and finesse of our indigenous craftmanship who are instrumental in our purpose.  It will be remiss not to mention the most startegic and tenacious leadership from the two sisters, Viji and Archita, the two formidable pillars of our Alamwar Textiles Family. 

Handmade Clothing and home furnishings

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