Indian Textiles are known to be some of the oldest in the world and date back to 2500 BC. The color intensity of the natural dyes, and the high quality of the fabric were renowned. Travelers and merchants that came to India carried back tales of spices, exquisite silks and cottons to Europe and the Far East These early explorers were instrumental in creating a wade for Indian textiles In the early 17th. century. Textiles in India are intrinsically interwoven into the lives of people.

Alamwar’s archives of blocks. hand-carved out of wood. speak of this very period and record the textile history of the Deccan region. Our design vocabulary is an amalgam of cross-cultural trade and is visible in stylized prints and designs. Alamwar Collections are created using hand-crafted textiles of floe linen, silk and cotton.

We continue to honor and support weavers, embroiderers, dyers and painters of sloth, artisans who have honed and perfected their skill through generations. It Is our honor to reflect in our collections their intricate handwork, dedication and passion.



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James Showroom

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