Slow fashion is a term used to describe sustainable and conscious approach to fashion production and consumption. It is thoughtful and holistic. Meanwhile, fast fashion makes shopping for clothes affordable, but it comes at an environmental cost. Designed neither for longevity nor recycling, but rather for short life cycles.
“Washing one synthetic garment releases 2,000 plastic microfibres” as stated by Browne M.A., which then gradually disturbs the ecological food chain on entering the ocean.
A slow fashion model follows ethical practices, with an awareness from consumers demanding higher sustainability.

Alamwar has been producing small batch fabrics for the past two decades. We have been committed to the welfare of artisans, preservation of textile crafts and small batch production. Our use of natural botanical dyes and azo-free dyes ensures a low carbon foot print. As we are small company that hand crafts everything, we are able to reduce waste by redyeing and reusing all our scraps that are made into functional pieces.
At Alamwar “less” is “more” has been our mantra. To quote Anne Lappe “Every time you spend money you cast a vote for the kind of world you want”.
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