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Our designs are an amalgam of cross-cultural trade during the early 17th century and are visible in our stylized prints and designs. 

Alamwar Home Collections are created using hand-crafted textiles of fine linen, silk, and cotton.

For over 20 years we continue to offer collections of finished soft goods such as decorative pillows, throws, and quilts.


Hand-carved wooden blocks with designs of tropical flowers and coconut palms, creepers of jasmine and rose, birds such as parrots and peacocks, animals such as monkeys and tigers, all came together in the creation of the elaborate textiles of the Deccan Plateau in Southern India.

Commissioned by the Rajas and Nawabs, these hand-printed and hand-painted textiles came to be known as Chintz and Paisley.

handmade fashion alamwar textiles usa

Handmade Fashion

Sophisticated and stylish fashion with eclectic and global influences. Luxury fabrics and embellishments adorn our chic styles.

Natural fabrics that embrace pure and sustainable living are created into collections that have a well-traveled look. Timeless collections that embody cross-cultural influences and a vintage vibe. Boho-chic Luxury Resort Wear


Embrace an inspired lifestyle!

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